Can’t help it to be sweaty at the gym? You will love what follows…

Have you ever felt like a girl is passing by way too often around you? Or as a woman, maybe you’ve already felt unexpectedly attracted to a man that is usually not in your league… Well, read on to uncover potentially why?

This chemical signal naturally found in male sweat, androstadienone, does cause hormonal as well as physiological and psychological changes in women.

Indeed, it appears that this pheromone has two main effects on females: at first, it gets them more easily attracted to men, and secondly, it increases relaxation and good mood levels.

So, let’s take a closer look to those properties!

sweaty guy doing aerobics

Being sweaty at the gym increases Guys’ Attractiveness.

A study led by biological psychologist Nick Neave, from the University of Northumbria, found that women who are secretly exposed to male pheromones tended to rate men as being more attractive than women who were not exposed to the pheromones.

The effects of male sweat hormones – also known scientifically as “androstadienone” – on 32 female students was studied. The female participants were asked to rate the attractiveness of various men, using written descriptions, drawn body shapes and photographs, while sitting in laboratory cubicles.

It has been asked to a couple of healthy men to place a cotton pad under both their armpits overnight. Then, in the group of tested women, half were secretly exposed to the male pheromones. humm, an unknown man sweat cotton pad under your nose all night long… Sexy, isn’t it? LoL.

The women who had been exposed to the pheromones found the men more attractive than their counterparts who hadn’t been exposed. Indeed, those exposed to the pheromones better rated the attractiveness of the males shown on the photos.

But probably the most astonishing finding is that the men who were of average or below average attractiveness on the pictures benefited most from the use of the pheromones. “When women were exposed to the pheromones the above average men were rated slightly higher but the below average man suddenly shot up in the ratings”, said Dr Neave.

austin power sweaty guy rubbing himself

Ok, so long story short, the sweatier the more attractive…

Being sweat at the gym Increases Relaxation and Good Mood in Girls

In another study, male underarm secretions were applied to the upper lips of 18 women between the ages of 25 and 45. None of the women knew that male sweat had been applied to their lips… Obviously.

They have been said that the study was about either alcohol, or perfume or again lemon floor wax, but no word out about sweat or so. Each of the women received three applications of the underarm extract during the six-hour evaluation period, followed by three doses of exposure to ethanol (alcohol) over another six-hour period.

The women then rated their moods over six hours of exposure; they consistently reported feeling less tension and more relaxed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

OK, let’s recap! Being sweaty at the gym may appeal a girl easier than a non-sweaty one.

Now, it might be less difficult to get in “Netflix and Chill” mode with a woman if the dude sweats…

So, if you want to use this technique to attract women, drink a lot of water and sign up HIIT classes.

By the way if you want to know more about water properties and how much you should drink it per day, read this article: “Drinking water benefits…“.

So, what do you guys think?

Males: Do you feel like throwing away your antiperspirant or not?

Females: Are you into a sweaty boyfriend/husband?

I’m looking forward what you guys may think about it. 😅

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