I’ve heard plenty of praises about Fenugreek benefits as a natural testosterone booster. So, I decided to drop my Tribulus caps and give it a shot for once.

I crafted a 5-workout-a-week program and stuck to it for one month under Fenugreek. I kept the same meal plan as well to avoid any bias.

Here’s my little experience with Fenugreek…

Fenugreek increase Testosterone level and performance

Fenugreek is a plant that’s known scientifically as Trigonella foenum-graecum. The product that I’ve tested contains 60 caps of 200mg of fenugreek chemicals. The recommendations indicate to take 2 caps twice a day, which gives an amount of 800mg of Fenugreek extract per day.

Fenugreek is supposed to have effect of increasing testosterone levels which should beget, roughly speaking, a higher muscle fibers concentration when lifting, what will allow to lift easier, better recovery and potentially muscle growth – given that those are the testosterone properties in terms of performance.

if you guys want to know more about strength, read this article: Muscle and Strength.

More studies must be done though because today research results are controversial. Indeed, some early research indicate that taking 500 mg of fenugreek supplement for 8 weeks increases testosterone levels, but does not change muscle strength or endurance in young men (Indus Biotech, India).

However, other research shows that taking 500 mg of fenugreek extract (Torabolic, Indus Biotech) daily for 8 weeks increases leg and bench press performance in a similar group of young men.

In an other study, researchers provided 500 mg of fenugreek per day and combined it with an 8-week weight lifting program. 30 year-old-college-aged men were asked to perform four training sessions per week, with half of them receiving a Fenugreek supplement (Wilborn C1, Taylor L and Al.). 

Compared to the non-supplement group who experienced a slight decline in testosterone, researchers found an increase in testosterone in the fenugreek group.

In a certain part of the muscle growth cycle you have a hormonal stimulation (testosterone), and elsewhere a hormonal inhibition (insulin). So, that’s likely why there’s some controversy when it comes to Fenugreek benefits in terms of weightlifting performance and muscle growth.

Fenugreek helps to lose weight

On the flipside, Fenugreek would also help lose fat. Indeed, in the studies mentioned above, it is stated that Fenugreek chemicals would have somehow a role in body fat decrease which may go up to 2% fat loss. This crop would have an effect on blood sugar and appetite.

Fenugreek reduces blood sugar level and increases feeling of fullness which is good thing if you aim to lose fat but not if you want to gain muscle.

Indeed, testosterone and insulin work together to trigger muscle growth. We need both an increase of testosterone and insulin to build muscle.

Fenugreek gives erections…

One of the other Fenugreek benefits on our male body would be that it helps those dudes with an erectile dysfunction… 💪 💪 💪

As it is, it doesn’t seem I gained more strength. My weights haven’t changed. What changed a bit is my muscles’ density. I feel like my muscles are fuller. Another thing that I’ve noticed is more located beneath the belt. 🍆 🍆 🍆

Sorry, but it’s true! You get excited more easily. Not even that, you may get a boner at any time so keep it tight. You know like, for instance, let’s say you’re a the gym, glancing around, waiting for your next set, when you spot a hottie doing some sexy glute exercise in tight semi-transparent leggings so you can tell the color of her panties (if she ever…).

sexy woman doing deadlift

Well, you know what I’m saying! And boom! Boner! You’re screwed! That’s the kind of situation you can expect being on a Fenugreek cycle. So, keep your head down and stay focused on your exercise. Did that happen to me?… 🤔 🤣

Anyway! The recommendation to feel Fenugreek benefits is in the ballpark figure of 500 to 1500mg per day, and to have a girlfriend to help evacuate any eventual testosterone excess you wouldn’t have lost while working out at the gym.

I would advise you to give it a shot if you are in a strength or a cutting cycle.

If you ever try it, let me know how it went. ‘til then, see you in the next one.

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