Hey there! Have you ever felt like not being willing to follow your current workout routine? You know those moments where you show up at the gym, and – since it’s Monday Chest-day – to many people are hitting the machines you expected to jump in.

Or after a couple of warmup sets, you realize you don’t have the juice in your system to get through the intended workout. Or maybe you’re just getting sick and then feel weak.

girl not motivated perform a backup workout routine

Well, no matter the reason, whenever I happen not to be in the mood to achieve the workout I was supposed to perform, I pull out my “backup workout routine”.

This is a routine made of exercises I do pretty often and I’m comfortable with. Indeed, when it comes to fitness, less is better than nothing. So, if you clock out or wake up and don’t feel motivated going to the gym, get set up, show up at the gym, and perform one of the workouts that follow.

There are three workouts in my backup workout routine:

How about the abs might you wonder? I always hit my abs at every single workout. So, here’s how it goes:

Simple enough, isn’t it! I respect this process every time.

If you want to know more about how to structure a a workout plan read my article: workout routines bodybuilders implement in their yearly plan.

Now, below the workouts I always do when not in the mood to go hard. let’s get into it!

girl surprised to lift more than her male gym mate

My Backup Workout Routine

Chest – Shoulder – Triceps

Crunch 1×100

Russian twist 2×30

Superman 2×30

Incline dumbbell press 4×12

Flat dumbbell press 4×12

Decline dumbbell press 4×12

Triceps pushdown 4×12

Lat raise 4×12

Elliptical 20min 120-140BPM,

Back – Biceps – Traps

Crunch 1×100

Russian twist 2×30

Superman 2×30

Lat pulldown wide grip 2×12

Lat pulldown close grip 2×12

Horizontal row machine close grip 2×12

Horizontal row machine wide grip 2×12

Alternating biceps curl 2×12

Hammer curl 2×12

Dumbbell shrug 3×12

Rowing 20min 120-140 BPM


Crunch 1×100

Russian twist 2×30

Superman 2×30

Press 45° 5×15

Leg extension 5×15

Leg curl 5×15

Abductor 4×15

Calf raise 4×15

Biking 20min 120-140 BPM

Now, you have it. No excuses anymore! Whenever you don’t feel like lifting heavy or outdo yourself, just pick up one of the above workouts relatively the muscle group you were supposed to work and nail it.

Want to go a step further? Build your own backup workout routine and let me know what it’s about on socials. 😉

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