Sweat Vest, Trimmer Vest, Trainer Vest, Sauna Suit, … a lot of words which mean the same: Fat Loss!

To answer the question, yes they are useful in order to shape your body.

So how to pick the right one in this plethora of apparently amazing fat loss materials?

Sweat suits, are usually made from rubber or plastic and are designed to be flexible, suck away sweat and keep in heat.

When wearing a sauna suit your body temperature increases, which causes you to sweat which supposedly makes you lose more weight.

As sauna suits can be quite expensive, often costing from as low as $10 to about $100, if not more, many people opt for making their own by using garbage bags, which “might” create the same effect.

Well, why not give it a shot, but if you are not into it, let’s dig into our famous sauna suits and figure out how to select the perfect fit!

So, I’ve selected six features which make a sauna suit perfect, and they are: stretch, warmth, longevity, lightness, and snugly.

Let’s take a look at each criteria in detail.

A Stretchy Sauna Suit

A sauna suit has to be made of a stretchy material like spandex, which allows you to stretch it so you can exercise to the fullest. In addition, this material boosts flexibility and ventilation so you can keep going when working out. It must come in different sizes to help you get that perfect fit.

A Heating Sauna Suit

A sauna suit aims at helping you to sweat some more, increase your overall metabolism, as well as increase your physical endurance so you can work towards losing those extra pounds.

Indeed, not getting to scientific, our body acts as a natural insulation shell. When the inner body gets too warm, a message is sent to the organism for it to reduce this sell. Which, basically, results in fat loss.

Thus, the material plays a key role in accelerating metabolism. In this regard, a good sauna suit is made of extremely flexible Neoprene that keeps the warmth inside as you work out so you can burn some extra calories.

Neoprene made outfits do this by retaining the heat as you exercise, increasing heat levels, thus burning fat.

A Resistant Sauna Suit

If you are looking for quality sauna suit for weight loss and need a heavy-duty suit, you should consider what follows.

A resistant sauna suit is made of nylon and PVC coating to help withstand wear and tear.

On the other hand, the interior features a rubberized inner lining. This in turn makes it durable.  This retains the heat during workouts, which helps to burn the extra calories so you can work towards shaping you body and losing weight.

In an effort to boost durability, it has flatlock seams, which also play a key role in ensuring freedom of movement and scratch-less movements.

Talking about comfort…

A Snugly Sauna Suit

In addition to stretch, warmth, longevity, a sauna suit has to be very comfortable as it provides a great fit.

It must ensure you are relaxed and comfortable so that you can concentrate on your workout.

It must be easy to wear and to be fastened.

Most sauna suits have a zipper at the front or on the side where you can easily reach it.

It also has to offer a great fit thus ensuring that you can make all sorts of movement. In an effort to boost performance and functionality, it must have elasticized cuffs.

In an effort to boost comfort, it may feature an underarm mesh and a mesh crotch, and a lumbar support belt which provides enough support to correct your posture, which constitutes a real plus.

And last but not least, Neoprene material not only increases body temperature but also absorbs sweat and let you always dry which makes it very comfortable to workout with.

A Light Sauna Suit

A sauna suit must be light in weight enabling you to practice any exercise physical activity.

Simply ensure you pick the right size for you.

They have to be strong, durable, yet light in weight to promote flexibility and performance, usually met thanks to the neoprene material.

The zip closure makes it easy for you to get into your suit and fasten up and clasp closure ensures that it does not unzip as you work out.

Warning: A sauna suit without an appropriate diet is a non-sense!

Truth about Sauna Suits and weight loss

When wearing a sweat suit, some want to lose a lot of weight in a very short space of time, but this fast weight loss is way more water weight lost through sweat than it is fat loss.

Indeed, let’s say you burned 500 calories in your workout and 0.5 lbs. on the scale. Knowing that 500 calories is roughly 0.12 lbs., it only represents approximately 10% of the weight loss, the left part being water 90% or about 488 lbs. 

In conclusion, any weight loss results from wearing a sweat suit are temporary, and most of the weight will return once you are rehydrated.

The only way to shed pounds permanently is to be on a calorie-restricted diet and partake in a well-suited workout routine for weight loss.

Fat loss take time and should be seen as a long-term goal, not as a task that is suited for quick fixes. Aim to lose 1 to 2 lbs. per week from dieting and exercising.

Last but not least: drink, drink, and drink!

In Fat Loss Stay Healthy is Stay Hydrated!

Sweating profusely and losing water will cause your body to become dehydrated and overheated and will lead to an electrolyte imbalance within the blood.

If you must use a sauna suit, only wear it for as long as you have to and be sure to rehydrate at the earliest opportunity.

Just for those who may not know how much water to drink a day, well the formula is pretty simple: go for 1mL per calorie, with a threshold of 1.5 liters a day, plus 0.5 liter every 30 minutes of workout.

So, if I eat 1800 calories a day and train for 1 hour, it will be 2.5 liters of water a day to swallow.

Hope this article was helpful, see you in the next one! 

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