12 week fat loss plan 1

Fitness Plan #1: Weight Loss Workout & Weight Loss Diet

Hi, guys! Want to get ripped for the summer? You are on the right place. This first fitness plan will walk you through one month of weight loss diet and weight loss workout, with a little bonus in regard to supplements. The objective here is relatively straightforward: losing weight while maintaining muscle mass and energy. Now, I know what you’re wondering: “how much might I potentially lose with this program”? well, it will vary depending on the efforts you put at the gym, and the rigor you impose to yourself while dieting. Now, to give you a rough number, you

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mass gain plan 1 banner

30 Day Mass Gain Plan #1: Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Supplement test

Hi fit fam! So, this 30 Day Mass Gain Plan #1 is the first of I hope a long series. As often as I can I’ll drop fitness plans like this either in order to gain muscle mass or to lose weight – meaning fat. What a fitness plan is all about? In each plan, i’ll implement a workout routine you’ll want to follow for 30 days, a one day diet, meaning the meals I eat during a day. I’ll add some alternative so you don’t get bored eating the same thing every day. And finally, some supplement guidance some

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