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Are Sauna Suits Helpful For Fat Loss When Working Out

Sweat Vest, Trimmer Vest, Trainer Vest, Sauna Suit, … a lot of words which mean the same: Fat Loss! To answer the question, yes they are useful in order to shape your body. So how to pick the right one in this plethora of apparently amazing fat loss materials? Sweat suits, are usually made from rubber or plastic and are designed to be flexible, suck away sweat and keep in heat. When wearing a sauna suit your body temperature increases, which causes you to sweat which supposedly makes you lose more weight. As sauna suits can be quite expensive, often

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My Backup Workout Routine To Not Skip The Gym

Hey there! Have you ever felt like not being willing to follow your current workout routine? You know those moments where you show up at the gym, and – since it’s Monday Chest-day – to many people are hitting the machines you expected to jump in. Or after a couple of warmup sets, you realize you don’t have the juice in your system to get through the intended workout. Or maybe you’re just getting sick and then feel weak. Well, no matter the reason, whenever I happen not to be in the mood to achieve the workout I was supposed

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Sweaty at the gym: Here Why Women Actually Love It!

Can’t help it to be sweaty at the gym? You will love what follows… Have you ever felt like a girl is passing by way too often around you? Or as a woman, maybe you’ve already felt unexpectedly attracted to a man that is usually not in your league… Well, read on to uncover potentially why? This chemical signal naturally found in male sweat, androstadienone, does cause hormonal as well as physiological and psychological changes in women. Indeed, it appears that this pheromone has two main effects on females: at first, it gets them more easily attracted to men, and

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Nike Plus Size Models: An Outfit Or A Message Issue?

Nike plus size models collection is the current fad. To understand this polemic, we first have to understand the issue behind it because overweight is a worldwide matter… Some fact about obesity In the world, 30% of the population is overweight (, in other word 2.1 billion people worldwide have to face weight issues, from simple physical unease to more important pathologies. Here’s the share of overweight people in the world: If those numbers don’t alarm you, keep in mind that worldwide, the obesity tripled since 1975 ( The difference between overweight and obesity is that the last one is

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